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The 25 Hottest Supmodels Models

The 25 Hottest Import Models

The 25 Hottest Import Models

OK, so technically, there’s no explicit reason for us to do a countdown of the 25 Hottest Import Models right now. If we were racially insensitive, perhaps we would’ve waited ’til May for APAHM (Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, for those of you not in the know), but then we’d be pigeon-holing all import models as being Asian or a mix thereof. They’re not. Import models span the racial spectrum from Japanese to German. But wait, what separates an import model from any other model? The accessibility. Whereas most other models exist on some foreign planet requiring a douche license for entry, these girls came up from within the import scene, garnering their fame by having worked for it at car shows, races, or nightclubs. With the car-show year coming to a start in a few weeks, we thought now would be a good time to highlight our favorite import models. These are the proveribial girls next door, the true unsung heroes of the model and import world.#1 Sasha SingletonThe 25 Hottest Import Models
Hometown: L.A.
Ethnicity: Thai, Scottish, English
Complex says: The first-ever Miss Hot Import Nights (believe it or not, this is an honor), the former ubiquitous car-show girl went on to work with Hustler and Playboy magazines, back before Asians were considered en vogue. Or at least we think. A mainstay of the car culture at its height, Sasha Singleton forever defined what an import model should beThe 25 Hottest Import Models

#2 Natasha Yi
Hometown: Boston
Ethnicity: Korean
Complex says: Besides being one of two models on this list with a Wikipedia entry, Natasha Yi’s appeared in print in FHM, Maxim, Vanity Fair, The New York Post, Playboy, and Men's Fitness, and in films such as Rush Hour 2, Cradle 2 the Grave, and The Rundown. Whew! If that wasn’t enough, Natasha was the first Asian Barker’s Beauty on The Price is Right. Too bad Bob only kept her on for two seasons. Cue losing horn.     
The 25 Hottest Import Models

#3 Ursula Mayes
Hometown: L.A.
Ethnicity: Korean, German, Native-American
Complex says: With magazines covers galore under her 24-inch belt and repeat visits to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ursula Mayes went from import model to People's “100 Most Beautiful People.” Ursula’s major claim to fame? Being Suitcase #5 model on Deal or No Deal. Who knew the skill set of a TSA agent could lead to something,The 25 Hottest Import Models

#4 Francine Dee
Hometown: L.A.
Ethnicity: Filipino, Chinese
Complex says: If you’re diligent or just enjoy e-stalking, we have to warn you: The simple act of Googling Francine Dee is NSFW. Seriously. From Catholic school to car model to carnal acts, Francine and her Ds have raised the bar in which Asians will forever be viewed by Western media. God (or your preferred deity) bless the Internet.The 25 Hottest Import Models

#6 Joyce Lex
Hometown: San Diego
Ethnicity: Chinese
Complex says: On top of her campaigns with McDonald’s, Falken Tire, and In4mation, the smoking-hot Joyce Lex has her own clothing line, Sinful Things, to add to her long resume. And if that wasn’t enough, her last name rhymes with sex. As if we needed any more of a reason to think of such an activity.
The 25 Hottest Import Models

#7 Sunisa Kim
Hometown: L.A.
Ethnicity: Thai, Cambodian
Complex says: If there was ever a good thing to come out of the Khmer Rouge, it would be Sunisa Kim. Born at a refugee camp, Sunisa would escape the clutches of Pol Pot’s regime as a baby to go on and delight the capitalistic masses with appearances in Deal or No Deal, Medium, Melrose Place, and Entourage. Let freedom ring?The 25 Hottest Import Models

#8 Kim Loan
Hometown: New York
Ethnicity: Vietnamese, Chinese
Complex says: Don’t let Kim Loan’s seductive looks fool you. Behind the guise of a model is the heart of a hustler who runs her own modeling agency, Prestigious Models. Despite the overuse of the word “model” in the last sentence, Kim’s a veritable mama-san—she’s the pusher and product rolled in one. Consider us sold!     The 25 Hottest Import Models

#9 Kaila Yu
Hometown: L.A.
Ethnicity: Chinese
Complex says: If you saw The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift or caught the trailer, you might remember Kaila Yu. She was the flag girl who started the race by saying: “Ready!” Not impressed? Kaila has appeared in everything from Playboy to Stuff and started her own pop-punk band, Nylon Pink. We could end by saying something lame like we’re tinkled pink, but we won’t. Er, oopsThe 25 Hottest Import Models

#10 Melyssa Grace
Hometown: San Diego
Ethnicity: Filipina, German
Complex says: Standing at a statuesque 5’9”, this extremely-tall-for-a-part-Asian model (OK, so some stereotypes are true) holds the title as 2010 Miss Formula Drift. Whereas most would be content with the title, Melyssa purchased two drift-prepped race cars of her own and has gone out to practice the craft. Doing it sideways? Not a problem for Mel.The 25 Hottest Import Models

#11 Misa Campo
Hometown: Montreal
Ethnicity: Canadian, Filipina, Dutch
Complex says: Hailing from north of the border, Misa Campo landed the title of Miss Rocawear for Canada on one of her first outings. Semi-ironically, thanks to her unique look, she would move to Cali, where she would rock very little clothing, pose in countless magazines and shows, and garner fans throughout the world thanks to this small fad called the Internet.The 25 Hottest Import Models

#13 Alicia Whitten
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
Ethnicity: Vietnamese, German, French, Irish, Dutch, Spanish, Native-American, and Italian
Complex says: The former Maxim Top 10 Hometown Hotties finalist has taken the “import” in import modeling seriously by starting to drive competitively. Alicia not only completed the Jim Russell Lancer Evolution driving program, she nearly beat a former Indy Car driver around the race track (check Hot and fast—our second favorite combo next to cheap and easy.The 25 Hottest Import Models

#14 Eri Moriyama
Hometown: Yokohama, Japan
Ethnicity: Japanese
Complex says: Long-reigning Falken Tire umbrella girl Eri Moriyama was also a spokesmodel for Mitsubishi and Pepsi. Born and raised in Japan, this L.A.-residing beauty is a big fan of drift racing, having practiced it herself. Translation? She’s a fan of burning rubber. Read into it as you likeThe 25 Hottest Import Models

#15 Lisa Kim Fleming
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Ethnicity: Korean, American
Complex says: For those not in the know, Koreans are known for their ability to drink, their rage (a.k.a. Korean Fury, and often a result of the former), and their affinity for spicy food. Now mix that all up and what results is Lisa Kim Fleming, a heady buzz of furious hotness who’s appeared on magazines throughout the globe. OK, mostly in the U.S. and Asia, but still.The 25 Hottest Import Models

#16 Mercedes Terrell
Hometown: Orange County, CA
Ethnicity: Sicilian, Mexican
Complex says: When all the press and publicity from the import scene wasn’t enough, Mercedes Terrell decided to get dirty. Real dirty. And we’re not talking about her cameos in rock videos with Velvet Revolver or Diecast, but the two-wheeled, soil-crusted kind of dirty as Miss Supercross 2010.The 25 Hottest Import Models

#17 Kay Valentine
Hometown: London
Ethnicity: Vietnamese, French
Complex says: One word: accent. And no, it’s not Vietnamese. Get your mind out the Ho Chi Minh City gutter. Since we know your stereotyping ass believes all Asians are adept at math, here's some simple arithmetic: Kay Valentine + Vietnamese-French Exotic Looks + British Accent = Super-Sexy.The 25 Hottest Import Models

#18 Bahara Golestani
Hometown: Scottsdale, Ariz
Ethnicity: Persian
Complex says: Google Bahara Golestani and websites such as,, and pop up, giving hints to her Persian ethnicity. Not so much. Despite the Internet’s ethnic ambiguity, Bahara went from being an import model to a role in the Luke Wilson flick Middle Men and Gym Class Heroes’ “Cookie Jar” music video.The 25 Hottest Import Models

#19 Maureen Chen
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Ethnicity: Chinese
Complex says: Why is Ms. Chen hot? Two reasons. And no, we’re not talking about her twos. One, she’s made her way from magazine covers to an appearance in Entourage. Two, she recently emigrated from Taiwan to the States, making her accent irresistible to those ailing from the Yellow Fever. Me love you long time? That was Vietnam, you racist bastard!The 25 Hottest Import Models

#20 Tara Love
Hometown: L.A.
Ethnicity: Spanish, Mexican
Complex says: What’s not to love about Tara Love? Besides the whole hotness factor, the Spanish-Mexican is a go-go dancer, meaning she has more way "ritmo" than your girlfriend. Even better, Tara isn’t all up on the self-aggrandizing social networks like most other models, which must mean she has a real life. Thus, possibly, time for a guy. Just not you or us.The 25 Hottest Import Models

#21 Corissa Furr
Hometown: Keedysville, MD
Ethnicity: German
Complex says: Small-town roots didn’t keep Corissa Furr from modeling. After being “discovered” at a local car show, Ms. Furr went on to host the short-lived Hot Import Nights TV show, and grace numerous magazinesThe 25 Hottest Import Models

#22 Nicolette Lacson
Hometown: L.A.
Ethnicity: Filipina
Complex says: Being runner-up—a.k.a. The First Loser—in any contest sucks. Being second-runner-up? Even worse. For Nicolette, landing third at the Miss Philippines USA pageant instilled a determination that helped her win Miss Philippines Tourism, Miss San Fernando Valley, scores of magazine spreads, and the impetus to start her own bikini line. Who needs a tiara when you can sip on a glass of FTW?The 25 Hottest Import Models

#23 Novella Nikita
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Ethnicity: Filipina, French
Complex says: You wouldn’t think it, but Novella Nikita played ice hockey for 15 years and was ranked one of the top female players in the nation, meaning she can probably smack the shit out of you. Lucky for us, she stepped off the ice and got into modeling, resulting in numerous magazine and event appearances, and the title of Miss Redline Time Attack the past two years running.The 25 Hottest Import Models

#24 Natalin Avci
Hometown: East L.A.
Ethnicity: Turkish
Complex says: Proving that Turkey is good for more than just Thanksgiving, Natalin is a big deal in her home country. Appearing on numerous magazine covers (including several with L.A. Lakers’ Ron Artest), this curvaceous beauty is turning her attention from Turkey to the import scene. We'll have a thigh...and a breast, if you don't mind..The 25 Hottest Import Models

#25 Jeri Lee
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Ethnicity: Filipina, Mexican
Complex says: After childhood modeling stints with Oscar Meyer, Barbie, and Pepsi, the tiny 5’1” Cali native grew up and took her go-go boots for a walking. Where exactly? The Filipina-Mexican took the tall and fuzzy footwear across the entire globe dancing her ass off in clubs/rave/parties in locales most of us could only wet dream of..,,,,,

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