Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bold Hair Color Ideas

Don't be afraid to plunge into the fabulous world of hair color as it can definitely help upgrade your look! Get inspired from the following bold hair color ideas and select the best option for your vibrant new look!
The new season has brought the need for change and since celebrities such as Rihanna and Nicky Minaj have shown their penchant for vibrant shades, women have been embracing this idea. The new hair color hues to choose from are vast, so you can definitely find a bold hair color which will suit the 2011 hair trends perfectly and make a real fashion statement.
As nowadays you don't have to be shy about expressing your personality, you can select one of the following oh-so-fabulous hair shades that stand out and underline a powerful personality. The transformation achieved through the help of hair color is absolutely amazing, so add a splash of color to your tresses and you'll definitely be the attraction everywhere you go.
Hair by Saco Artistic Team
Hair by Bec Woloszek
Hair by Anthony Nadar for Fudge
Hair by Saks
Rihanna has set the red hair color trend and we absolutely love it. She clearly demonstrated that this vibrant hue is not only for the porcelain skin toned but for women with darker skin tones as well. From bright red to copper red, anything goes, so select the perfect shade for you. However, before making your choice, you should known that this is a high maintenance hair color that will require monthly touch-ups and special care to ensure the red pigments don't fade.
Hair by Mark Leeson
Hair by Rush
Hair by Carly Roberts
Hair by Rae Palmer
Contrasting hues are a perfect option for women who are not too keen about uni-colors, so add some color to your base with chunky highlights, panels or blocks of color. Make sure you choose clashing colors which will instantly brighten your look, making you stand out. For best results a professional hair coloring is required, as obtaining that perfect color combo is definitely not easy. Brunettes should choose flaming or copper red shades combined with a chocolate hair color base while blondes should go for contrasting pastel pink or lilac, depending on personal preference.
Hair by Angelo Seminara
Hair by Vladimir Tarasyuk
Hair by Saco Artistic Team
Hair by Damien Carney for Joico
Color blocks look amazing as far as hair color goes, but this is definitely not for everyone. If you're looking to add an edgy-vibe to your locks, choose two fab contrasting colors which will accentuate your fabulous hair. This technique works fabulous if you wish to accentuate side swept or blunt cut bangs hairstyle, so color your bangs in a vibrant shade while keeping the rest of the hair natural.
If you're looking for a softer style, choose scattered, peek-a-boo hair highlights that will also require less salon visits and color touch-ups.

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