Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Celebrity Hair: Do's and Don'ts

Even with all the money in the world and the top stylists at their fingertips, celebrities still have bad hair days. Here, I've lined up a few famous faces with their various hairdos (and hair-dont's) taking centre stage.
Do wear your hair at a length that flatters both your face and body. Elle looks great with long, gold-streaked waves.
Don't step out with tangled, messy hair. 
Angelina Jolie
Do stay true to your natural colour, or if you must colour it, choose a shade that is close to your natural colour or opt for highlights. Angelina looks great with her natural brunette shade.
Don't let your hairstylist do this! It's been several years since Ange bleached her hair blond for a movie role as Marilyn Monroe, and let's hope she doesn't do it again anytime soon.
Marcia Cross
Do wear your hair long and loose if it is a delicious shade of red like Marcia's.
Don't let your hair overtake your face. Take environmental factors into account - if it's going to be windy, wear your hair up to keep it out of the way and avoid unnecessary breakage.
Jessica Simpson
Do take the time to ensure your hair looks great for big nights out. Jessica's hair looks divine with cascading blond waves - even if they are extensions!
Don't step out in public with greasy, unkempt hair. Keep it clean - nobody likes a greaseball!
Avril Lavigne
Do experiment with hair accessories that work with your outfit. Avril's bow clip looks gorgeous, and works with the girly-punk look she has going here.
Don't go over the top. The pink highlights combined with a quiff are just too much for the crazy dress Avril's wearing, not to mention the makeup...
Britney Spears
Do keep your natural hair long, sleek and shiny. It's been a few years since Britney had great hair, and here's hoping she returns to this attractive style.
Don't shave your head in an impulsive moment! I'm sure many of us have played with the idea, but if you do go bald, it'll be at least two years until your hair reaches your shoulders again.
Also, don't use cheap extensions, or your scalp may end up looking like Britney's does here. Natural long hair is far more attractive, even if it does take years to grow, it's worth the wait! Let me know what you think.

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