Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Celebrity Hair: Long vs Short

Celebrities have the resources to be able to change their hair's look and length at a moment's notice. Check out Paris Hilton - her hair is long one day, short the next, and then is long again. It's because of this that we see the start of hair trends emerging, and we look to the stars for inspiratin
While we mere mortals don't have the funds (or the need) to change our hair extensions every other week, checking out what the celebs are doing with their hair when the occasional bit of hair boredom strikes helps you maintain whatever goal you have in mind for your hair. Here, I've lined up a few famous faces who've recently had their hair both long and short.
It's been several months since Katie chopped off her long locks, and she's already moved onto a new style with a blunt fringe. My prediction is that she'll grow it long again pretty quickly - according to her stylist, Katie prefers her hair long. I think it suits her both ways, but if you're blessed with thick, chocolate-brown waves, you'd probably prefer your hair long too.
Keira Knightley is a true hairstyle chameleon. She's worn extra-long extensions for her Pirates of the Caribbean role, and had it short and cute in films like Bend it Like Beckham. She's been sporting a bob of late, sometimes it's at her shoulders, sometimes it's at jaw-length. It looks great however she wears it due to her high cheekbones and expressive eyes.
Halle Berry always looks great, and she pulls off a short crop equally well as long straight locks. She's also worn it long and curly, and at shoulder-length with a blunt fringe. She is, in my humble opinion, one of the few women of Hollywood who look equally feminine and attractive with short hair as they do long.
Kirsten Dunst, however, does not. When her blond hair is long, she looks gorgeous, but her face isn't equally suited to this boyish pixie cut. When you have naturally blond hair you owe it to yourself to grow it as long as you can, at least once in your life. She's done that for roles in films like The Virgin Suicides, but she's recently been snapped with a shoulder-length bob.
Classically beautiful
Keira's pal Sienna Miller has been a style icon for years now, and cut her long blond hair short for her role in Factory Girl more than two years ago. She's since grown it back to her shoulders, but her short cut sent fashionistas the world over running to the salon to do the big chop. Personally I think she looks great both ways, but then again, with a face like that...
Use these celebrity pics for inspiration, but think twice before you book to have your long locks cut super-short. Remember, what can take years to grow can be taken away in a few minutes, and you don't want to regret an impulsive moment. Let me know what you think.

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