Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery: Updos

When it comes to putting their hair up, these celebs know how to do it with style. Whether classically coiffed or messily done up, most of these styles can be easily reproduced at home. Read on for celebrity updo inspiration.Mischa Barton adds a bejewelled clip to an impressive bun. Her sideswept style adds focus to her hair’s highlights.
Tyra Banks’ dramatic coif works perfectly with her ultra-formal dress. The drop earrings set the look.
Ashley Olsen’s blonde streaks really pop with this soft, romantic style. This easy-to-recreate style has height at the back which allow her expressive eyes to take centre stage.
Nicole Richie allows her fringe to lay seductively over one eye. While this is a cute style, you can see where her hair extensions connect to her real hair – not a good look!
Uma Thurman looks divine with her tousled updo. The idea behind this sort of style is not to have it look too “done”.
Always pushing the envelope when it comes to style, Paris Hilton has taken the updo to new heights, with her long blonde extensions piled on top of her head. The Alice in Wonderland headband completes the look – though I’m not too sure about those bits dangling below her shoulders…
So very tight! Gwyneth Paltrow’s updo is too severe for her face. A few wispy bits at the front wouldn’t go astray here.
Beyonce Knowles’ hair is tight also, but for her it works perfectly. Pulled straight back and done in a classic updo, this style would look amazing with the most formal of dresses.
Jessica Simpson’s blonde mane looks amazing with this sleek style. The over-the-shoulder ponytail look is right on trend.

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