Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Changing Your Style

This time I’m going to talk about making a major style change and the planning you can do in order to get a result you can be excited about; not devastated!!The first thing to do is to choose a few styles you like. Magazines are a great source of inspiration. Specialist hair magazines are great for this, but they can be expensive, so if you buy a particular women’s magazine regularly, try looking through old issues of that first. In particular, look out for hair specials in women’s magazines which often have a lot of photos of different cuts and styles, sometimes with added tips (such as what kinds of cuts suit particular face shapes). You might even see a style you love in a film – if so, try to find a still from the film online which has a picture of the style. Bear in mind that the pictures and styles which inspire you might do so partly because you admire the way a particular celebrity or model looks. But their style might not work on you if your hair is a different texture and/or your face a different shape (not to mention that you might not have the luxury of a personal hairstylist at your beck and call). So try to choose a few alternatives you feel excited about at this stage.

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