Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cool Colored Hairstyles Ideas

Create a sultry look using the help of hair color, as there is a great variety of hues to choose from. Mix and match your favorite shades and create a cool colored hairstyle that brings out your stylish and unique personality!
When it comes to colored hairstyles the possibilities are endless and there is basically nothing that can stop you from experimenting. There are a variety of hair color hues to choose from whether you wish to make the hair color transformation permanent or temporary, so choose a cool colored hairstyle and make a fashion-forward style statement.
The new 2011 hair color trends can definitely act as a great source of inspiration for your new trendy look but that doesn't mean that your options are bounded and you can't select your own cool and trendy hair shade. The hottest hair color trend in town is the natural hair color trend but there are several hair coloring techniques which can give equally fabulous looks only with a little bit of an edge. Choosing to make a statement through your hair color is a good thing, as not every hair color style suits everybody, so underline your style and personality through the hair color that suits your personality as well as complexion.
If you're out of ideas but definitely want a hairstyle transformation inspire yourself from the following cool colored hairstyle ideas as they are hot and will definitely make you stand out. Make sure you turn towards the help of a professional hair colorist for best results and that the hair color you select not only suits your skin tone but you feel comfortable wearing it as well.
Hair by D & J Ambrose
Hair by Saks
Hair by George
Hair by Marc Antoni
Regardless of your hair length, you'll be able to pick your favorite hair dyeing pattern. Chunky hair highlights or dip-dye style coloring, all are top options for those who are lusting after a dramatic twist in their appearance. Maintain the spotless condition of your tresses using shine enhancers and A-list conditioning formulas. Glossy locks will look simply dazzling when paired with either a bright and bold or a more natural hue. Fade-fighting should be among your top priorities. In order to keep the vibrancy of your tinted tresses, it is highly recommended to use color-protective products. Moreover, remember that the better the state of your hair, the longer the hue will last. Make your highlights sparkle and choose shades that complement your skin tone.
by The River Hair Studio
by Joico
by Rush
by Alan D
Deliciously dark shades will add depth and definition to your strands. On the other hand, if you long for volume, be sure to move on a lighter color palette. Create a revitalizing and illuminating effect with hues that enhance your do with an extra glam factor. For this season, turn yourself into a real beauty goddess by nailing down a show-stopping hair color. Let your fave hair stylist grant you with stylish hair highlights. Define the position of the tinted sections as well as the measure of hair coloring. These factors will actually determine whether you succeeded in upgrading your look to the new hairstyle trends of the moment.

One of the newest trends in hair color is red. Whether it's fire red, violet-red or orange toned red, these hues look absolutely gorgeous. Rihanna seems to have set the trend for this vibrant hair color that we absolutely adore.
If this edgy hair color doesn't really appeal to you, or it seems way to bold you can turn towards hair highlight or hair panels for an equally stylish look. Incorporate red panels into your base color especially if it's darker and your hair will be instantly transformed.
Hair by Damian Carney for Joico
Hair by Marc Antoni
Hair by Marc Leeson
Hair by Rush
The most popular hair color combos are dark-red, dark-orange, dark-violet, brown-blonde, blonde-pink and blonde-violet. To achieve a look using this technique is not easy. Hair might have to be bleached if your current hair color is dark and this might lead to hair damage. For good results, it is advisable to get it done by a professional. Mix and match one or multiple hues for a one of a kind look that matches your style and personality.
Hair by Great Lengths
Getty Images
If subtle is your style but love to play around with hair color, you might want o check out the ombre hair color trend.
Ombre means your hair will gradually become lighter as it goes down from the roots towards the ends, and you can achieve this look by gradually lightening the hair to caramel and even blond towards the ends.
Experiment with your favorite hair color and keep your locks in perfect condition so your tresses will radiate beauty and style!

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