Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting through no-man's land hair

Now that’s a pretty tough title, but what I’m referring to is the period in which your hair is neither long nor short – that’s when you’re in no-man’s land. Sometimes this period can seem to take forever, and the time it sets in varies for all girls. For me, it’s the time when my hair is about three inches below my shoulders; it’s neither a bob nor a long style. It’s weather-woman length, and it’s boring as hell. I’m aiming to grow my hair to my waist, like Ella P the original owner of this blog, but I really struggle when it’s at this length. Most of the time I wear it up to vary my look.So how do you overcome boredom during this phase of hair growth? Just look for inspiration around you. Check out other girls who have the same length hair you’re going for – whether in movies, magazines or in real life - and take it as no reason why you can’t have hair like that either. Wear your hair up often, or straighten it on occasion, just play around with your look. Remember, if you’re growing it long you’re not going to experience hair this length again for a while, so enjoy it at every length it gets to and make the effort to wear it in different ways, it’s worth it.
It does take willpower and a firm commitment to your long-term goals not to succumb to the scissors, but just avoid the hairdresser if you’re feeling impulsive. Getting through no-man’s land is tough, but worth the wait in the long run. 

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