Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gisele Bundchen Pics Supmodel

Gisele Bundchen PicturesGisele Bundchen 

Gisele Bundchen, one of two beautiful Bundchen twins, was born and raised in Brazil where -- in a twist that would make her future husband smile -- she was substantially more interested in an athletic career than a modeling one. While Gisele Bundchen’s thin, agile frame lent itself well to her preferred sport of volleyball, it also attracted Gisele Bundchen Images cruel comparisons from her schoolmates to Popeye’s gal pal, Olive Oil, and various local shorebirds. After a stint in a modeling class, Gisele Bundchen would get the last laugh during a 1994 field trip to Sao Paulo where she was approached by modeling reps from Elite. After a second-place finish in the Brazilian installment of the Elite Look of the Year competition in 1995, Gisele Bundchen made the top five in the world version, and left for New York City in 1996.
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