Friday, August 19, 2011

Gracing the Rooftops Guest Stars Gala Gonzalez and Miranda

Gracing the Rooftops is our new styling campaign designed specifically for you!! We always wonder who the brains behind collections are and here is a chance for you to get a unique view into the style of Michelle Goldie's wardrobe. See our style ideas for the key pieces of the current collection, and share your ideas and tips with us too! We would love, love, LOVE to see some of you guys in our fashions and share tips with you. Just tag your pics on our Facebook page.

Bloggers Gala  and Miranda dropped by for a visit last week and couldn't resist jumping on the roof for a special edition of Gracing the Rooftops! Check out their blogs by clicking the links below the pictures and let us know what you think of Gala and Miranda's look!!

Gala from Amlul is wearing the Ella Jacket.

Gala and Miranda! :)

Gala wearing  the Megan Jumper!

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