Monday, August 15, 2011


Frankly, I almost didn't write this post. I have sat and thought about it for the past week or two now, wondering to myself why on earth LOOK magazine ought to choose me over so many other fantastic bloggers to sit front row at the always amazing LOOK show as part of this seasons LFW. The answer that I kept coming to, is that I have no idea. There are so many amazing blogs out there with talented guys and girls behind them all practically begging for a chance to win and I just don't know how I can compete and that's why I almost didn't enter.
About ten minutes ago, however, I thought 'what the heck' and decided I was going to enter anyway, despite the fast approaching deadline only hours away. I decided I would write honestly, and I hope that will be enough. I love my blog how it is and I don't want to write a post 'bigging myself up' just to win; I'd rather write sincerely and lose!

As the end of my A-Levels grew nearer, choosing a university course was a huge decision to make. Fashion was always my first love, specifically fashion journalism; but I knew how competitive an area it is to even get an internship in, let alone a paid job. My sensible side reminded me of how I'd always wanted to be a nurse and how it's a much 'safer' career option, as I'd almost certainly be employed at the end of the three year course. After a ridiculous amount of indecisiveness I came to the conclusion that I would start my nursing course but along side it, I would see if I could make my way with fashion journalism.

Fast forward two and a half years and here I am with my blog. I started it as a way of writing about what I wanted to, even if nobody would read it but me. As my own little online portfolio, I grew very proud of it, and it started becoming a mix of 'personal style' posts and latest trends articles. I must be doing somthing right, because I have so many daily readers it still shocks me, and I feel so humbled by every single one of you. I'm almost in my last year of nursing, and despite loving what I'm doing, I always wished I'd taken that leap of faith in to the unknown world of interning and wonder what I'd be doing now if I had. I'm not a quitter, so I'm going to carry on to the end of my course and then see what happens. My course is a full time job and so I don't get the opportunity very often to go to events, press days or catwalk shows even though I wish I could get opportunities like those every day.

That's why it would be so amazing to be a finalist in the LOOK show competition, and get to sit front row at their Catwalk show; because from my sleepy little town, working full time and fitting blogging around it, opportunities like this to get somewhere more wide awake are a rarity.

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