Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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How To Choose Maxi Dress 2011, tips choose Dress for women 2011: Women often opt for long dresses to wear to a special occasion though in everyday life you will hardly see one in a gown. However, maxi dresses can look fabulous and appropriate in different situations and places.
Maxi dresses can make you look romantic or elegant and reserved. Besides, they can add a bit of hippi style to your look.
All you need to look perfect in a maxi dress is to follow advice we give here. Read and use it to your advantage!
Maxi dresses for short women
It is considered that long skirts do not suit short women making those look like a tent. But if you opt for a dress that fits well and clings to your figure ideally you will look fantastic. Dresses which emphasize waists will be good options as well. You can try a gown with an empire waist or use a beautiful belt. Assymetrical or trapeze dresses will do too.
To create the illusion of a longer silhouette choose a dress with a V-neck. And of course, don’t forget about high heels. Select dresses of monotone fabrics; black, olive, dark-brown and purple will be the best. And stay away from horizontal stripes and large patterns.
If you are slim try flower prints and bright colors, such as orange, pink and yellow. Avoid prints in case you are a curvy girl and try wearing a dress of a knee length.
Maxi dresses for women with voluptuous shapes
If you have a big bust, try dresses with wide straps because thin ones will make your breast look fuller. Large patterns as well as dark monotone colors will make you visually skinnier.
To create the illusion of a thinner waist use a dark belt. Wearing a belt you will make your figure more balanced. Deep V-neck can be a good option as well. Stay away from too wide and baggy dresses, you’ll seem even bigger in those.
Maxi dress for other shapes
If you are tall and slim, try dresses that are neither tight nor loose-fitting. The most essential fact for you is to choose right accessories to attract attention to yourself.
Women of medium height will look great in gowns of perfect tailoring that will accentuate their assets. If your have slender legs, try a dress that goes down to your knees or a little longer. To enphasize a beautfiul breast you should select dresses with wrap-ups or low necks, halter necks will also do.
ow to wear a maxi dress
One should know how to wear a maxi dress. Everything depends on what look you want to create. There are some general recommendations on how to choose accessories to go with your maxi dress
1. Sandals or open-toe shoes look the best with maxi dresses. But never ever wear those with pumps.
2. Do you want to accentuate your waist? Use a belt! Belts are very popular this season. Maxi dresses are usually loose and belt will change your look significantly.
3. Casual maxi dress looks fantastic with big totes, sunglasses and scarves. Such a combination looks stylish and is great for shopping or walks with friends.
4. Chunky jewelry and a hat will complement your look.
5. Tight-fitting jacket or a long cardigan will look good with any maxi dress.
6. If you buy a dress for chic parties opt for good fabrics of smarter tones. And remember: the simpier the fabric the more complicated the design should be, and vice versa.
Trying something new is always difficult especialy if there are so many prejudiced people around you. But don’t be afraid to experiment with your style, every woman can look good!

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