Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Milan Fashion Week Prada Spring Summer

Milan Fashion Week 2010: Prada Spring Summer 2011: “It’s time to be bold” Miuccia Prada said and sent her beauties down the runway wearing colorful sun frocks, stripy suits, extraordinary bright shoes and simple but classy handbags. I guess I forgot about huge sunhats and fake fur accessories in plenty. This was her Spring/ Summer 2011 collection that she presented as a part of Milan Fashion Week.
In contrast to Prada Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 collection (see Prada Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 ad campaign) that seemed granny-like to me, the new Spring/ Summer 2011 one is much fresher and more youthful. We see neon hues playing with elaborate cartoonish prints, bold flesh-exposing designs combined with strictly official minimalistic ensembles, and lots of fun derived from unusual shoes and chic colored fur tails.
I like the collection very much. It reminds me of my teen years when I pulled on various clothing pieces that at first sight seemed absolutely incompatible but when together and assembled right gave that pretty exravagant and sophisticated look I was always proud of. But Prada is Prada and even now being a smarter lady I feel I still can wear such pieces, designer pieces actually.

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