Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monique Lhuillier Pre-Fall Collection

A new season has started, and Monique Lhuillier's latest collection seems ready to hit not only the runway, but the red carpets too. Check out Lhuillier's Pre-Fall 2011 Collection to see the latest fashion trends in gowns and a series of fancy chic cocktail dresses!
03 Feb, 2011
The Pre-Fall 2011 season at Monique Lhuillier starts quite powerful with a series of fancy clothing that combine together perfectly the latest modern edginess with the immortal classiness that everybody looks for. Lhuillier's designs are known for the exquisite selective fashion sense that reaches a high level of luxury with a sophisticated mysterious side. The shapes, the colors, the overall effect comes surprisingly stylish dedicated for elegant fashionable ladies.
Even if the collection begins in a colorful infantile way, if we characterize based on the eccentric blocking pink color, the styles get rather diverse during the presentation. The entire collection is quite selective and impressive through small effective details. The atmosphere leads us into the night area, where elegant cocktail dresses appear and in the end, we see a series of eye-catching fairytale inspired gown in different shades or shapes, but with the same Lhuillier finger print all over them.
What starts as an opening look in childish lollipop pink, in the chromatic theme area, moves forward by emphasizing a few black and white classy elegant looks, but gets especially pointed out when it truly begins to look playful and eccentric. Nothing outrageous or out of place, but extremely sensual and very sophisticated designs we spotted in the latest collection by Monique Lhuillier.
The gowns presented are definitely soon to be seen on the red carpet, because it's no surprise for anyone that the name Lhuillier is oftenly spoken about at important red carpet events. With a magical feeling attached to these elegant dreamy gowns, we find it hard to focus on one dress while every one of them has a specific own sense. What seems to dominate the collection in the Pre-Fall 2011 season, in the chromatic chapter, along with blocking infantile pink, are midnight purple, pop blue and bloomy green.

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