Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nail it! Nail Polish Trends Every Girl Must Try

Katy Perry poses for one of our favorite nail polish brand OPI
Just like makeup and handbags, nail polish became a staple in every girl’s overall look since its invention. The polish on your digits can give a sexy complement with what you’re wearing and add life to the most basic outfits. From the trendiest colors to new nail styles to try, we got it covered for you. Here’s a list of must-tries so you can nail it!

Dare to be Nude

Eva Mendes goes nude...on her nails
Like nude lipstick, nude nails look refreshingly demure, yet sophisticated. They  give off a young and fresh aura that is subtle enough for any occasion. Choose a nude polish with high-gloss finish for a prettier look.

All that glitters

For nails that dare to be noticed, add gold flakes
Admit it, us girls are attracted to many things shiny. The flash of metal got an updated twist with the gold nails look.  

Tip: Apply a layer of clear base coat and add gold flakes with tweezers. You can buy flakes at specialty beauty stores or check the nail polish section in major department stores. Blow off excess gold flakes with your lips after the base coat is dry. Finally, secure with a clear topcoat.

You can also try Dashing Diva Nail Lacquer in Golden Opportunity or CND Nail Polish in Copper Shimmer for an instant shiny shimmering glow.

A Different Kind of Blue

Chanel's nail polish shade in 527 is the perfect sweet Tiffany's blue we all love
Inspired by Robin’s Egg and the much sought after Tiffany’s shopping bag, this pale blue shade is too cute to ignore. Try this shade of blue in matte instead of a glossy finish to bring out the innocent sweetness this particular color embodies very well. 

Pop Art Graphics

Animal prints, fruity designs, beach themes, abstract art: Anything goes with nail art!

 The breakout star are pop art graphics. There are over thousands of designs to choose from. They can be digitally printed or you can ask your trusted nail technician to do it for you.

Think Pink
Perfect to enhance a tanned skin, pretty in pink and peach shades are staples in a girl’s nail beauty kit. It’s quite difficult for pink tones to go out of style, from lipsticks to polish!

Lavender lovin’

China Glaze, another popPRETTY favorite, glitters in purple
Purple nails are big this year. The violet hues come in saturated lavenders, dusty purples, and shiny heliotropes. It doesn’t hurt that shades of purple look great with pretty much all skin tones. gives you fresh beauty + fashion tips and news daily!

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