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Prepare for Fall 2011: Trends for the Coming Season

Carolina Herrera Fall 2011
Fall 2011 is easily coming upon us and no fashionista ever wants to be behind on the latest trends of the new season. With longer nights coming our way, this article will give you the basic lowdown on the exciting and upcoming trends for Fall 2011.

Prada never fails to make dark colors look alluring

Trend#1: Dark and Dangerous
     Dark and stormy colors are never out of style especially when the winter nights are nearing. Blacks, dark grays and navy blues are staple colors to have in your closet when Fall arrives. After all, blending in with the night is something both sexy and mysterious. Give off that sultry air with very dark colors.

Beauty Tip: Pair off very dark fall pieces with one summer makeup. Think dark gray dress worn with knee boots paired off with a hot pink lip gloss from summer. Or imagine an all-black or navy blue ensemble finished off with shimmery peach eyeshadow from last summer’s pool party.

Anna Sui showcases a fun yet dark look for Fall 2011 
Trend#2: Coats and Jackets
     Practical yet very classy coats, jackets and blazers will be fabulously trending all over the city. Whether it’s a sharp blazer for office days or a comfy knitted sweater for casual Fridays, these fashion pieces are the ultimate must-haves for Fall and are destined to keep you toasty and warm.

We fell in love with this Fall 2011 look from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Trend#3: Pure and Simple
     Summer’s colors fade away yet leave a trace of their existence for Fall 2011’s trends. Going minimalistic with a flair for simple pieces -simple pants, sweaters, and blouses- mixed and matched with dark shades of blues and reds will pave the way for gorgeous chic ensembles that won’t make you look like you’re trying too hard.

Marni Fall 2011 Collection

Trend#4: Welcome the 60’s
     Fashion runways are crowding themselves with modern 60’s looks. Bell bottoms and drop-waisted dresses are sure to be in style as models sashay the catwalks looking more than just groovy. Cute little blouses with Peter Pan collars and tops along with short hemlines will also be hanging off the store racks.

Dolce & Gabbana is not getting too serious for next season's fashion choices so why should you?
Trend#5: Dots and Other Fun Prints
     Polka dots and other whimsical prints make a flashy appearance for Fall 2011. These patterns can be a bit tricky to wear so make sure to just stick to one-pieces or dresses to avoid looking too spotty or tacky. 

You won’t regret investing in some pieces from this list of trends. Look fabulous and feel the attention on you with the latest, daring pieces right off the Fall 2011 fashion runways! gives you fresh beauty + fashion tips and news daily!

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