Thursday, August 18, 2011

Understanding Fashion Seasons

Most people who are not fashion followers per say do not understand why in the beginning of June they cannot find gorgeous dresses to wear to summer weddings. Here is the key. If you have never watched any major fashion week, you are probably never going to understand fashion seasons and trends. In North America and Europe where Autumn/Winter falls   Oct-Feb these are the months that every major fashion week show cases Summer/Spring Collections. The summer/ spring (SS) collections are usually shown in September (fall) and will go on the shop floors Jan-February (winter) during which time stores will be on SALE/Discounts getting rid OFF their winter stock.  February: stores start to sell their spring collections and March – April stores sell summer.  That is why you have Fashion Magazines dedicated issues to spring and as soon as March hits the magazines will have the Summer Issues. Have you ever opened any Vogue or Harpers Bazaar in June and saw winter page spreads? So issues from June right to October have a mixture of Fall/Winter collections from high end designers.
Beginning of June which is summer, stores begin to get rid off Spring/summer collections and start to pre-sell on the shop floors Pre-Autumn/Winter Collections.  Customers who do not understand fashion seasons get confused as to why there are Spring/Summer clothes on the display in Jan-February whilst it is still winter.  Well, towards end of February going to March that is the beginning of SS regular price and those SS collections go on Big Summer Sales everywhere from June-Mid August. June is the official month to Sell Winter Clothes. So If you wish to have a fabulous dress  to wear, to attend a summer wedding you best buy the dress in May when the mark downs begin, and if you wait till July or August you will NOT find anything flattering at all, unless you take trip to Vegas or Seattle to the Premium Outlets.
So always shop for great summer pieces from April- May if you are in North America or Europe!! Remember the beginning of Summer June is the beginning of Winter/Fall Shop Floor Display.

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